Open courses

Exploring Economics: Will the Next Generation Be Worse Off?

Will the next generation be better or worse off than their parents? Look at both sides of the debate and decide for yourself.

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Maternity Care: Building Relationships Really Does Save Lives

Learn how quality relationships between mothers, midwives and other health professionals transform maternity care and save lives.

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Major Sport Events: Winning Through Diversity and Inclusion

​Explore how athletes and para athletes prepare for major sport events, and how sport contributes to diversity and inclusion.

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Plagues, Pestilence and Pandemics: Are You Ready?

​Explore the current and emerging threat of global health pandemics and how we can respond to them effectively.

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Cities of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Why Heritage Conservation Matters

​Get an introduction to what heritage conservation is, and why it's important to you and your local community.

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Realising Career Potential: Rethinking Disability

See how rehabilitation counsellors help people with disadvantage or disability realise their vocational potential.

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Open programs

Griffith University and Deakin University are collaborating to produce a series of 5 open courses on research methods.

Why Research Matters

The first course in the series is Why Research Matters. Explore what research is and why it's so important to us all. Find out how to make evidence-based decisions.

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Why Experience Matters: Qualitative research

Explore the methods and tools qualitative researchers use to understand human behaviour and solve social problems.

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Why Numbers Matter: Quantitative Research

Learn how to use quantitative research to make difficult decisions and solve real-world problems.

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Why Ethics Matter: Ethical Research

Explore the role ethics plays in research and why it's so important.

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Open Online Learning

Griffith University has partnered with FutureLearn to offer a new experience of online courses that are available to anyone and free to study.

In partnership with FutureLearn Griffith University is offering online courses that are delivered on a social and easy to use platform and open for anyone to join.

The courses we offer cover a range of remarkable subjects offered in convenient learning blocks and intakes allowing you to study when it suits you.

Become part of a global community of online learners.

  • Learn from outstanding academics who are experts in their field
  • Learn with a diversity of other learners from across the world
  • Update your skills or delve into new areas of interest
  • Learn through access to engaging real-world materials and activities

Watch this video to learn about how Griffith University is partnering with FutureLearn and what this means for learners.

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