Studying 100% online courses will require that you meet minimum IT requirements to ensure you can:

  • access video and audio recordings
  • access digital learning resources
  • complete online assessment
  • participate in classroom discussion and collaboration via online communication and collaboration tools

Hardware and software requirements

Access to a desktop, laptop or tablet computer running Windows 7 or later, Mac OSX10.9 Lion or later

Access to an up-to-date web browser. Update your browser.

Be aware of the supported web browsers for Learning@Griffith (your learning environment).

A webcam and headset (including microphone)

Office software to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Office 365 is available as a free download.

A reliable, high-speed broadband internet connection, with sufficient upload and download capacity.

Internet requirements

  • Minimum download speed = 0.75Mpbs
  • Minimum upload speed = 0.35Mpbs

If you are unable to meet the minimum internet speed requirement you will experience issues (as outlined in the introduction).

Alternative methods of access are available, for example:

  • You can use text based chat, or phone in, in the online classrooms
  • Download all of the videos and watch offline
  • Find a location with faster internet for assessment submission

Check your internet speed

Click on 'Check your internet speed' to see your results.

Speedtest by Ookla and many other internet speed test sites are freely available on the Internet.