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Who we are

The Griffith Online Team operates under the direction of the Academic Director, Griffith Online. The work of the team is aligned with the Griffith Online Strategy and the Academic Plan. Working in collaboration with academic staff and other professional staff, the Griffith Online team design and develop degree programs for online delivery. The design process is undertaken with reference to Quality Matters to produce quality products promoting best practice in online learning and teaching.

Elements of best practice in Griffith Online Programs:

  • Presentation of curriculum materials in short video segments;
  • Inclusion of relevant learning activities and formative assessment;
  • Inclusion of authentic assessment tasks to allow students to apply concepts to real world problems and scenarios;
  • Feedback mechanisms to allow students to reflect and improve on academic performance;
  • Incorporation of digital learning resources;
  • Facilitation of student-student and student-teacher and teacher-student interaction through the appropriate use of communication technologies;
  • Use of a Welcome video to provide a clear and concise course overview, establish expectations and personally introduce the Course Convenor;
  • Consistent look and feel and standardised course menu

Our team

Zerinah Robertson Educational Designer
Donna Shepherd Educational Designer
Jonathon Dawson Web/Multimedia Developer
Sally Kipling Educational Designer
Rory Hering Web/Multimedia Developer
Rae Jobst Educational Project Officer
Kevin Saunders Graphic Designer
Marie Szymanski Educational Designer
Ali Zia Web Applications Developer
Renee Denham Educational Designer
Chandra Rao Educational Designer
Malcolm Burt Media Developer
Caitlin Bolton Graphic Designer
Robert Thelin Web/Multimedia Developer