This course covers the fundamental concepts and skills for using the CMS to publish in the University’s website. It must be completed by staff before they can be registered as a publisher in the CMS and publish and manage content in their site/s.

Existing publishers can also register for the course and re-complete the course or revisit specific modules as refresher training.

The course objectives are to:

  • Introduce the University’s standard practices and tools for web publishing using the CMS
  • Enable publishers to use the ‘Edit+’ interface to create basic, clean and easily navigated websites
  • Introduce best practices in web publishing including accessibility and quality guidelines, copyright and privacy

At the end of the course participants should be able to:

  • Login to the CMS
  • Be familiar with and use the editing interface
  • Understand CMS assets and asset statuses
  • Use the editing interface to manage assets including:
    • Changing a page asset's name
    • Changing an asset's status
    • Using the site tools to create asset folders, create page assets, and upload images and other file types
    • Using the WYSIWYG editor to edit page contents and related details, create links, and insert tables and images
    • Create Slabs and Cards

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