Providing best practices to deliver remarkable campaigns, communications and recruitment information

Our online presence must embody the culture, atmosphere and experience of Griffith. Its purpose is to attract, inform and engage students, staff and the wider community though usable and up-to-date content. Our goal is to have a website that is accessible and credible so people can easily find and trust the information they need.

Our online presence tells the Griffith story. It expresses what we do and what we aspire to do as an organisation.

The University’s website supports student recruitment, promotes our reputation and profile, and enables students, staff and other audiences to interact with the University. Web publishers and other contributors make the site modern and effective by focusing on user needs and journeys, and making content as discoverable, relevant, accurate, credible, accessible and useful as possible for all users and audiences.


Our team provides on-going management of access rights for different users of our corporate web and digital media assets. This includes the content management system, a collection of analytic tools, and a variety of blogs and social media tools. We will assist you in gaining access to systems, applying and revoking access permissions as well as providing support for standard analytic reporting and training materials.

  • Content management system
  • WordPress
  • Cvent
  • Analytics
  • Domain hosting
  • Marketing redirections