Providing best practices to deliver marketing, communications and campaign support online

The Studio team is interdisciplinary, with web publishers, developers and designers collaborating on digital projects, and graphic designers working across digital and print mediums. The web side of Studio is committed to supporting core marketing and recruitment activity online for Griffith University, whilst also raising our reputation and profile to interact with the University.

Web publishers and other contributors make the site modern and effective by focusing on user needs and journeys, and making content as discoverable, relevant, accurate, credible, accessible and useful as possible for all users and audiences. We provide technical expertise and best practices to assist marketing and communications throughout the University. Web Studio manages and provides support for:
  • Content management system
  • blogs.griffith
  • Cvent eMarketing
  • Google Analytics and Siteimprove
  • Domain hosting
  • Marketing redirections
  • Web publishing self help guides
  • CMS technical support