Update to Mobile Learn

Recent changes by Blackboard will see an update to the Blackboard app for Mobile. Blackboard and Bb Instructor will replace Blackboard’s original mobile app, Mobile Learn, and will provide a user-friendly mobile experience tailored to the specific needs of Students and Staff. (Blackboard is available now on iOS, Android, and Windows. Bb Instructor is expected to release globally on iOS and Android in July 2017)

Mobile learn for iPad

Makes it easier for you to keep up with your courses by letting you access them whenever and wherever you want.

If you have an iPad you can still take advantage of an enhanced version of "Blackboard Mobile Learn for iPad" to access your Learning@Griffith course site material and functionality.

This version

available at appstore

Frequently asked questions

Q. I am a student and already have the Blackboard Mobile Learn app – can I continue to use it?

Blackboard Student is the newest Blackboard mobile application. Specifically designed for students, its modern design helps you efficiently complete coursework. Blackboard are continually improving Blackboard and adding features. We encourage you to use Blackboard in place of Mobile Learn to have the best mobile experience.

Q. I am an Instructor – which app do I use?

Mobile Learn is the original app for viewing your Blackboard Learn courses on mobile devices. Currently Both instructors and students can use Mobile Learn.  You should continue to use Mobile Learn until the Bb Instructor app is made available. Bb Instructor is scheduled to release globally in iOS and Android app stores in July 2017*. You could also continue to use Mobile Learn but, when available, Bb Instructor will offer an improved and more robust mobile experience.

* Note that this is the scheduled date only – the actual delivery date may differ.

Q. Can I use the Blackboard or Bb Instructor app on my iPad or tablet?

Blackboard for Android and iOS was designed and built for phones, but is fully compatible with iPads running iOS 9.0+ and Android tablets running 4.2+. (At this time, there is no iPad-specific or tablet-specific build of the Bb Student and Bb Instructor apps however versions are planned in the near future).. In the meantime:

  • to install Blackboard on an iPad, be sure when you search the App store to change the iPad Only filter to iPhone Only to find the Blackboard app
  • Instructors can continue to use the Blackboard Mobile Learn iPad app until Bb Instructor is available

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