Obtaining high resolution images while quantifying antibodies

Under the leadership of Dr Eugen Petcu, the new section of Quantitative Digital Pathology-Immunohistochemistry (QDP-IHC) provides expert assessments using the latest technology represented by GenASIs HiPath.

This is the only software available in Australia that holds the approval from the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG Identifier 293777).


GenASIs HiPath makes it possible to obtain high resolution images while simultaneously quantifying various immunohistochemistry antibodies including those that have a very low expression in the setting of usual light manual microscopy. It enables the establishment of tumour burden algorithms as well as other biomarker quantitative parameters, H-scores, co-localization and others that have a crucial role in clinical and research settings.

Essentially, it is possible to provide a fast and accurate evaluation of all the nuclear and membranous immunohistochemistry markers including Her2-neu, PDL1-PD1, S-100 and many other markers.

Quantitative Digital Pathology-Immunohistochemistry is much more than an image scanning and analysis method tool. It is applicable in both clinical and research fields, saving costs and time, providing a better workflow management and improved outcomes.

Evaluation scenarios

  • histopathological diagnosis and research
  • biomarker research and development
  • clinical trials and personalised medicine
  • biobanking and tissue diagnosis
  • next generation sequencing.

Australasian Immunohistochemistry Society

The Australasian Immunohistochemisty Society supports QDP-IHC Section, and as a group, works to advance knowledge in this field by highlighting the collaborative work of experts for a significant positive impact on the actual histopathological diagnosis and clinical management.

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