Bridging the gap in translational research and clinical care

The Gold Coast Biobank has been set up to bridge the gap in translational research and clinical care through centralising and developing one biobanking resource to facilitate ease of access to biospecimens.


We have over 10,000 biospecimens available for research. You can access over 3,000 biospecimens from breast cancer patients and 1,500 placenta cord blood specimens.

Our services include:

  • storage of biospecimens only (this includes space only hire or equipment and space hire)
  • biospecimen storage with database hosting
  • database hosting only
  • full service ranging from protocol development, specimen collection, and processing, to biostorage and database hosting and support.

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Automated -80°C biostorage system

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Director - Prof Nigel McMillan

Manager - Dr Shirley Wee

(07) 55528131

Pathology Consultant - Dr Eugen Petcu

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