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Our staff at the Griffith Randomisation Service have extensive and varied experience in clinical research and trials. We are qualified in biostatistics, good clinical practice, data management and digital solutions. We have completed more than 100 clinical trials, published in leading medical journals and are funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Our team

Professor Claire Rickard

Professor Rickard is an experienced clinical trialist who has been continuously funded by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council since 2007. She has completed more than 25 randomised controlled trials published in journals such as the Lancet and Critical Care Medicine.

Professor Robert Ware

Professor Ware is an academic statistician with more than 15 years of clinical trial experience. He has been responsible for the design and analysis of more than 30 RCTs.

Mrs Joanne Wright

Joanne Wright joined Griffith University in 2012, where she has been managing the customer-facing side of University’s Randomisation Service and working closely with Professor Claire Rickard as her Assistant.  Joanne has an extensive background in customer service and administration.


The Randomisation Service been designed to meet relevant international standards and meets all encryption and information requirements. The service is further supported by Griffith University Digital Solutions eResearch Services Unit.

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