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The Griffith Randomisation Service provides automated centralised randomisation for research studies, overseen by experienced statisticians, researchers, and with the support of Griffith Information Services. The randomisation service is available for University trialists working in the academic, healthcare and industry sectors.

An automated 24-hour randomisation service is available for investigators to use via a web portal anywhere in the world.

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For a tailored quote to suit your specific trial, please get in touch. Factors influencing price include:

  • Student-led trials
  • Unfunded/funded status
  • Sample size
  • Number of recruitment sites
  • Number of users
  • Length of trial
  • Treatment pack management
  • Extensive statistician involvement
  • Repeat users


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Griffith Randimisation Service

Griffith Randomisation Service

The Griffith Randomisation Service provides a specialised range of services, including automated centralised randomisation together with experienced clinical trial staff to support clinical trials across all disciplines undertaken by Griffith academics, students, collaborators, the Gold Coast University Hospital and other affiliated hospitals.

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