CAHE researchers are committed to healthcare solutions responsive to consumer needs globally.

CAHE researchers are committed to driving safe, effective and efficient healthcare solutions that are responsive to consumer needs globally. Our focus continues to be on making a vital contribution to the science of health economics and data sciences; strengthening our focus on evaluation of policies and interventions to maximise health outcomes; and developing and strengthening international and national collaborations.  As a reflection of the strength of the CAHE’s contribution, our research program was assessed in the 2018 Excellence  in Research for Australia (ERA) evaluation as delivering high impact. CAHE’s research was ranked at world standard in the field of Applied Economics (1402), reflecting the volume of high-quality research undertaken by the team. Team members have close links to Griffith University's School of Medicine and Dentistry and the Menzies Health Institute Queensland.

Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) and Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC)

Members of CAHE are responsible for evaluating health technologies such as pharmaceuticals, medical services and diagnostic tests to inform Government decisions for funding under Medicare. The CAHE informed funding decisions amounting to $2.3bn in Government expenditure over the five-year period 2014-2018 leading to provision of cost-effective access of quality technologies to an estimated 10 million people. Research conducted by the Centre for the Department of Health therefore has a direct impact on health policy and financial decision making in Australia.

Post-market Review of biologics for severe chronic plaque psoriasis - Report to PBAC

The purpose of the project was to review the clinical guidelines, the effectiveness and the use of biologics on the PBS in severe chronic plaque psoriasis. It is expected that the findings from this research can be used to inform clinical practice, health policy, and Government subsidy decisions in responding to improving health outcomes associated with the management of severe psoriasis. The report produced by the Centre aims to advise Government on future financial investment requirements to expand subsidy to a larger group of patients. Draft report is freely available here.

Economic evaluation of the Gold Coast University Hospital Integrated Care (GCIC) program

CAHE led an evaluation on the Gold Coast Integrated Care program, with support funding from the Department of Health, to determine the effectiveness and costs of a new model of care. The Gold Coast Integrated Care program, based at the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service, aims to manage high-risk patients with complex and chronic conditions proactively. In collaboration with general practitioners, the program also aims to provide effective disease management and reduce potentially preventable hospitalisations. A final report to the Department of Health has been submitted for consideration.

Our research

CAHE has close links with School of Medicine and Dentistry, and Menzies Health Institute Queensland, where you can discover more about our colleagues and collaborators, about our strategic approaches and, innovation and collaboration across our six key focus areas, including: Economic evaluation of healthcare interventions and programs; Measuring consumer preferences for healthcare interventions and services; Valuing health and healthcare; Health technology assessment; Health services research; and Biostatistics.

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