Valuing health to impact health policy and practice globally

At the forefront of an evolving healthcare system, health economists, health services researchers and biostatisticians at the Centre for Applied Health Economics (CAHE) are conducting multidisciplinary research to deliver leading advice, with significant impact on policy.

World-class multidisciplinary research from the Centre delivers economic and health benefits through applying innovative methods and analysis, providing the catalyst for solutions to complex problems. The evidence we produce for health policy and practice impact enables translation to address real world problems in health and quality of life globally.

We are excited to influence the direction of health system development in our region and contribute knowledge and skill transfer to those countries who are embedding health technology assessment into their health systems.

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From the director

For over 10 years we have established a leading Centre in the field of applied health economics, driving safe, effective and efficient healthcare solutions that are responsive to consumer needs. We are situated within the School of Medicine and Dentistry with strong research links to the Menzies Health Institute Queensland.

Together with industry partners our economic evaluation, health technology assessment work and research translation efforts have continued to significantly influence high level policy decisions and practice in health services.

Associate Professor Josh Byrnes

Director - Centre for Applied Health Economics

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