Optimising patient outcomes

The Patient-Centred Health Services group was established in 2016 and has over 35 committed researchers from a range of health disciplines including nursing, allied health (nutrition, dietetics, psychology, and pharmacology), health economics and medicine.

Our group partners with numerous hospitals and universities to undertake innovative, cutting-edge clinical research aimed at improving patient outcomes.

Our research is theoretically driven, multidisciplinary and focuses on cost-effective health care interventions and the translation of these interventions into policy and practice. We undertake committed scientific research with an emphasis on improving patient care, experiences and outcomes, and use knowledge-translation approaches.

Our vision

To undertake innovative, responsive and collaborative programs of research that optimise outcomes for patients and their families, and the delivery of health services across acute care and community settings.

As part our programmatic approach we use theoretically driven research translation approaches to disseminate and embed research in clinical settings to drive evidence-based practice.

Our aims

  • Synthesise intervention evidence through systematic reviews and meta-analyses.
  • Develop sound interventions underpinned by a strong theoretical base.
  • Test and evaluate interventions to improve patient and family care, clinical health outcomes and patient-reported outcomes using rigorous study designs with an integrated knowledge translation approach.
  • Promote the dissemination and uptake of our research findings using knowledge translation strategies and implementation research.
  • Mentor early and mid-career researchers in order to develop research capacity in the areas of health and social care effectiveness and translation.
  • Facilitating improvements in healthcare and health professional behaviours to optimise patient outcomes.

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