Co-designing a blueprint for the evolving health service

Changing Health Systems (CHESS) identifies the challenges in the health system and co-designs person-centered, integrated and holistic models of care, encouraging the use of primary care as the home point of coordination. CHESS supports the evolution of the health care system by evaluating service delivery models that aim to improve client care and inform best practice.

Key focus areas

Health system

Primary care


Rural and remote

First Nations community


Associate Professor Dianne Shanley

Dianne Shanley is a former Director of Griffith University's Allied Health and Psychology clinics and is a highly experienced Clinical Psychologist. Her area of expertise is implementing and evaluating change in healthcare systems. Her research improves how health services are delivered to children, making access to help easier and quicker.


Professor Amanda Wheeler

Amanda Wheeler is Professor of Mental Health at Griffith University. She is a registered pharmacist who has worked as a health practitioner, educator and researcher in mental health and pharmacy practice for almost 20 years. She is nationally and internationally recognised for her expertise in these areas.

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