Our aim is to develop therapies to treat acquired brain injury and spinal cord injury

The Clem Jones Centre for Neurobiology and Stem Cell Research was established in 2016 at Griffith University. Based at the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery, our laboratories are equipped to allow cutting-edge research ranging from high-throughput drug screening to complex three-dimensional assays.

The work of the Centre is made possible with funding from the Clem Jones Foundation and the Queensland Government. The Clem Jones Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Clem Jones Group. The trustees are dedicated to benefiting the community through ongoing commitments to the wishes and philosophies of the late Dr Clem Jones AO.


The Spinal Injury Project (SIP) Consumer Research Panel consists of 10 individuals living with spinal cord injury from around Australia. The SIP Consumer Research Panel aims to bring a real-world perspective of problems that are more relevant to patients, families and carers.

Participants are involved in multiple aspects of research as part of the wider research team. They contribute to SCI research by:

  • raising awareness about priorities of people living with SCI
  • participating in the decision-making process about what to research, how to do it, when to do it
  • helping disseminate the research findings in lay language
  • advising on strategies to design protocols and recruit patients/carers to participate in clinical studies
  • reviewing grant applications, consent forms, questionnaires, interview questions

This partnership with community representatives allows us to conduct more focused and translatable research.


Mr Matthew Barker

PhD Candidate

Dr Souptik Basu

PhD Candidate

Mr Lachlan Beckingham

PhD Candidate

Dr Indra Choudhury

PhD Candidate

Mr Blake Dawson

Master’s Candidate

Ms Keyra Gardiner

Honours Candidate

Mr Christopher Godfrey

Honours Candidate

Ms Amy McEwen

Honours student

Ms Lynn Nazareth

PhD Candidate

Ms Rebecca Yao

PhD Candidate


Ms Yanushia Arasu - Master’s Graduate

Mr Lindsay Gee - Research Assistant

Dr Aaron Gilmour - Research Fellow

Dr Peppermint Lee - Research Fellow

Mr Sasdekumar Loganathan - Research Assistant

Dr Ramya Mandyam - Research Fellow

Dr Susitha Premarathne - Research Fellow

Dr Denver Surrao - Research Fellow

Ms Brianna Thompson - Research Assistant

Dr Johana Tello Velasquez - Research Fellow

Ms Stephanie Weber - Research Assistant

Dr Alison Wright - PhD Graduate

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