Contact Information

  1. Email
  4. Phone
  5. (07) 5678 9283


  1. Mailbox 68, Menzies Health Institute Queensland
  2. Building G40, Level 9
  3. Griffith University, Parklands Drive
  4. Gold Coast QLD 4222


  1. Professor Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik, PhD
  2. Professor Donald StainesMBBS MPH FAFPHM FAFOEM

Commercialisation of NCNED's research is managed by Griffith Enterprise. Please contact Mr Ujjwal Dua, Business and Innovation Manager, for any inquiries relating to technology transfer, consultancy or contract research.

Steering Committee

Specialist Clinical Collaborators

  • Dr Peter Smith, MBBS FRACP PhD BMedSci
  • Dr Richard Kwiatek, MBBSFRACP
  • Dr Jennifer Ng, MBBSMRCP FRACP

Adjunct Researchers

  • Professor Katsuhiko Muraki
  • Professor Julia Newton
  • Professor Stephen Todryk
  • Professor Stephen Graves
  • Professor John Stenos
  • Professor Daniel Peterson


  • Cassandra Balinas
  • Natalie Eaton
  • Stanley Du Preez
  • Matthew Corbitt
  • Rebekah Maksoud
  • Breanna Weigel

    Specialist Fundraising Representative

    • Mrs Susan Brookes

    Scientific Director

    Clinical Director

    Office Manager


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