Investigating the nature of infectious diseases, immunity and human health

The Infection and Immunity group is a collection of researchers from multiple disciplines across the University.

Our work examines the processes of infection and immune responses, with goals of promoting human health and control of human disease.

Our vision

We aim to address critical health issues that span the research areas of our core group members, including:

  • Defining the burden of chronic infectious diseases and how these diseases develop.
  • Discovering novel approaches to infection prevention and treatment.
  • Understanding mechanisms of microbial disease and virulence.
  • Elucidating how immunity to infection influences infectious diseases.
  • Studying how immunological responses contribute to disease pathogenesis.
  • Bridging the research needs of primary healthcare in infectious diseases at Gold Coast University Hospital and laboratory-based microbiology research at Griffith University.

Research highlight

Nigel McMillan - Cancer research

Professor Nigel McMillan is a cancer biologist whose research focuses on the infectious causes of cancer and to develop novel treatments involving gene editing and silencing.


Professor Glen Ulett

Research expertise includes:

  • bacterial pathogenesis
  • host-pathogen interactions
  • escherichia coli
  • streptococcal Infections
  • urinary tract infection
  • melioidosis
  • virulence factor


Professor Keith Grimwood

Research expertise includes:

  • child and adolescent health
  • infectious diseases


Professor Allan Cripps AO

Professor Allan Cripps is an immunologist who has over 40 years experience in the field of mucosal immunology, specifically: vaccines for the prevention of respiratory and middle ear infections, the relationship between gut health and chronic and infectious disease, the role of oral supplements in improving gut health and mucosal immune competency.

Dr Alan Munn

Dr Munn is a molecular biologist who uses Baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) as a genetically-tractable model organism to study cellular processes and components that are highly conserved between yeast and humans and for which dysfunction in humans causes chronic disease.

Dr Nicholas West

Nicholas West’s research focus is on the interaction between the microbiome and immune system in health and disease. He is part of the Mucosal Immunology Research Group and Systems Biology and Data Science Group in the Menzies Health Institute Queensland. His research includes projects on obesity and metabolic syndrome, the microbiome in cancer immunotherapy, allergy and eczema.

Associate Professor Jennifer Wilson

Associate Professor Jennifer Wilson is a structural glycobiologist with over 25 years experience in applying Nuclear Magnetic Resonance techniques to the study of carbohydrate structures on the surface of bacterial cells that can contribute to disease progression.

Professor Nigel McMillan

Dr Santosh Rudrawar

Dr Megan Young

Associate Professor Raj Nair

Raj is Head of Oral Medicine/Oral Pathology/Human Diseases at Griffith and Oral Oncology Senior Consultant at the Gold Coast University Hospital. His research focuses on microbiome and cancer, head and neck cancer, early interventions and supportive care using precision oncology.

Associate Professor Carlos Marcelo da Silva Figueredo

Associate Professor Carlos Marcelo da Silva Figueredo is a periodontist with a special interest in understanding the interplay between periodontal disease and other chronic inflammatory diseases, with focus on inflammatory bowel disease and systemic lupus erythematosus.

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