The Reading List service is a web-based system which provides 24/7 access to course readings through direct links to articles, ebooks, databases, websites, the library catalogue and digitised readings in one convenient list. There are a few initial setup activities outlined in this guide and only need to be undertaken once. For more information including policies related to the service see the Reading List Overview.

Access the reading lists

There are several ways to navigate to your reading list. If you cannot find a reading list through the methods below, then the list has not been created yet. In this case, email to request a new reading list shell.

  1. Go to your course in Learning@Griffith.
  2. Select Readings (left-hand navigation bar).

Open Readings List

If the Readings link is not visible or present, go to the Ask Us item for further guidance.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Course Code and click on Search.

Search box

  1. Go to the Library Home Page.
  2. Click in the Catalogue box.
  3. Select More, then Reading lists.

Access Readings List from catalogue

  1. Go to the MyGriffith portal.
  2. Click the Reading lists link from the Library section.

Access Reading List from myGriffith portal

Log in

You need to be logged in with your Griffith username/password to edit your reading list.

When in a reading list, click on Log in.

Log In button

Create a profile

Create a profile

The profile only needs to be created once, but it must be set up to be able to edit a list.

  1. Select Create a Profile.
  2. Complete fields and Save profile.

Edit Button and Action Bar

  1. The Edit button and red Action Bar will be visible.

Install the Bookmark Button

You will need to install the Bookmark button once for every browser, on each device used.

First, ensure the Bookmarks/Favourites Bar is visible in your browser.

Installing the bookmark button

Press Ctrl+Shift+B

There is a known issue for Chrome users on Apple (macOS)

Chrome - Bookmarks/Favourites Bar

Press Alt+V+T+F

Internet Explorer - Bookmarks/Favourites Bar

Press Alt+V+T+B

Firefox - Bookmarks/Favourites Bar

Select View and from drop-down menu select Show Favourites Bar.

Safari - Bookmarks/Favourites Bar

The Bookmark Button is not available for Edge. However, an extension can be added from the Microsoft Store. See the Talis Support article for help.

Then, within Reading lists:

Step 1:

Click My Bookmarks, then Install Bookmark Button.

Step 2:

Click Next on the The Bookmark Button pop-up.

Step 3:

Place the cursor on Add to My Bookmarks.  Drag to Bookmark/Favourites Bar.

Step 4:

Add to My Bookmarks should now be visible in the browser bar. You can rename the Bookmark Button (in the toolbar) once it is installed in the browser.

Add a reading list to My Lists

  1. Go to a reading list.
  2. Click on + My Lists.
  3. The next time you log in, click on My Lists to quickly go directly to lists you own or are working on.

Add to My Lists