Exam prep


During trimester

Exam prep starts at the beginning of the trimester. That’s right. Once you set foot into that lecture theatre in Week 1, you should have mid-trimester and finals on your mind. Okay, so maybe not on your actual first day, but you should definitely start prepping during the trimester. It’s actually easier than it sounds. Here are our five top tips to prepare for exams during trimester:

Read the Course Profile. You can find all your Course Profiles in Learning@Griffith. It will outline all the assessment items for the trimester, including exams. It’s super handy to know if future you will have to prepare for an essay, short answer, or multiple choice exam. Do you know about the different exam types?

Get the inside scoop on exam content. You can get little nuggets of knowledge from your lecturer. Here’s some hard facts; they set the exam and they teach you the content. So it’s highly likely they will emphasise the important topics during the trimester. If they make a song and dance about a particular fact, principle or point during class (maybe not literally), they will probably include it in the exam. Food for thought, right? But you have to attend class to gain these valuable insights. 

Take awesome notes. If you develop an effective note taking technique early on, it’s going to be a breeze when you put together your study notes at the end of trimester. Do you want to have to rewrite your scribbled, chaotic notes during study week? No, you do not.

Become a time management expert. You may already excel at time management, or at least you think you do. But trust me, there is so much more you can do. When you have mastered the art of planning, you can achieve so much more in a day, let alone a whole teaching trimester. Don’t you want to be that person who has a complete set of highlighted, indexed and bookmarked notes before study week begins?