Digital dexterity is a general term for broad skills in learning, working and living digitally.

Develop and practice your digital skills to:

  • improve your outcomes at university
  • become more agile and creative
  • foster working collaboratively
  • strengthen your problem solving and creative thinking skills
  • enhance your employability.

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Desired attributes

Ability to work remotely
You can work from anywhere, freely switching between mobile and desktop, university and the bus.
You can create and edit work quickly using the most effective shortcuts and tools. What might take some people hours only takes you minutes.
You are not stuck doing things one way. If one approach to a problem doesn’t work you have other options.
You are free to work how you choose, in ways that are best for you.
You are a member of the digital society and you have a good online profile. You are comfortable using various collaboration platforms.
You are realistic about how technology can and should be used. You know what’s on the horizon and how to prepare effectively.

Source: Quixy (n.d.) Breaking down the basics of Digital Dexterity: What it means for you! [blog post], accessed 17 June 2021.

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