The Academic Skills Workbook

The future workforce will require you, as a Griffith graduate, to develop the characteristics which are presented in this Academic Skills Workbook. This workbook has been created to help you develop and apply your academic, information and digital literacies.

To ensure that you keep up to date with the latest release of this workbook, and are able to collaborate with your peers, please subscribe to the Academic Skills Workspace by clicking on this Subscribe button now. Once you have subscribed to this workspace then follow the instructions below to access the workbook.


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Step 1.

What is the Academic Skills Workbook and how do I access it?

The Academic Skills Workbook is comprised of several interactive worksheets designed to develop your academic, information and digital literacies. It has been built using Pebble+ on the PebblePad platform. This video will guide you through the log in process using your Griffith Single Sign-on:

Step 2.

How do I save the work I complete in each Worksheet?

As you progress through each worksheet, it is important that you save all of your work to the PebblePad Asset Store. This video will explain how easy it is to save and retrieve your workbook for continuous reflection:

Step 3.

How do I upload and use assets?

An asset is anything that you upload to Pebble+ that is a record of your learning, achievements or goals. It is essential that you tag these assets correctly so that your experiences are properly recorded in the workbook. Lets see how:

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Make yourself future proof.