Ownership and rights

For publications in which you are the lead author, you will need to gain agreement from all co-authors on:

  • Authorship
  • Recognition of other contributions/contributors
  • Acknowledgement of sponsors, and the
  • Declaration of any conflicts of interest when publishing your research

For content, e.g. graphics, that you are sourcing from elsewhere, you will need to gain permission or a licence from the content creator if they have not expressly licensed it for re-use.
As a Griffith staff member, you have a licence from Griffith to re-use most of your scholarly works for research and teaching purposes and to make decisions about re-use using your professional judgement.
As a Higher Degree by Research candidate, unless you have assigned IP to the University, decisions about re-use and licensing of your scholarly work are yours to make.

Seek advice from the Information Policy Officer, if required.

In addition there may be confidentiality obligations where your research has been funded from an external grant.

Seek advice from Office for Research, if required


Premature disclosure, e.g. publication, may detrimentally impact the ability of the University to protect and commercialise intellectual property. Therefore if commercialisation is desired, you should first contact Griffith Enterprise to establish suitable arrangements to protect IP, i.e., before disclosure occurs.

Seek advice from Griffith Enterprise, if required