Requests for revisions occur frequently as part of the editorial review process. Having a submission accepted with no queries, comments, or proposed edits raised may indicate less rigour in the publication process.

Address comments and suggested revisions:

  • in a systematic and courteous way
  • by clearly outlining the changes made in response to reviewer comments
  • by making a case for why suggested changes were not made
  • indicating agreement on responses and amendments from co-authors.

Understand copyright transfer agreements

After manuscript acceptance you will normally be asked to complete a Copyright Transfer Agreement.

Read and check the agreement to:

  • understand the details
  • see what rights you retain
  • know what version can be deposited in the University repository, GRO
    • this may be a requirement for funded research and may increase your citations.

Consider an author addendum

Add an author addendum to ensure you retain the right to deposit a version in GRO .

Contact the Information Policy Officer if required:

Get advice

Get a publication identifier

Usually your publisher will manage DOI, ISBN or ISSN, and legal deposit on your behalf. We can assist if you need to arrange your own identifiers.


A digital object identifier ( DOI ) is a persistent, unique identifier assigned by publishers to research outputs. It ensures the original output is findable, unlike a URL which may change when outputs are moved or reorganised.

The format of a DOI is:


Assign a DOI to:

  • provide permanent access to your research output
  • allow attribution and tracking of citation metrics
  • comply with funder and publisher requirements for data availability.

If you require a DOI for non-traditional outputs, such as, working papers, reports, creative works, or datasets contact the Library.

Request a DOI


An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique identifer for books, either print or electronic.

To be included in the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) submission, books and book chapters must have an ISBN and meet the requirements for:

Your publisher will arrange an ISBN for your publication. If Griffith University or an element within Griffith is your publisher and you require an ISBN contact the Library.

Request an ISBN


An International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is a unique identifier for serial publications, for example, journals.

The library does not assign an ISSN for serials published by Griffith University.

If you require an ISSN for a new journal or other serial publication submit an application with the Australian ISSN agency.

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