Open access and data

Making research visible and sharing knowledge.

Open Scholarship is about making research visible and sharing knowledge. It encompasses open access, open data, open educational resources, and all other forms of openness in the scholarly and research environment. It is about being savvy so that everything you do in your research and teaching space at Griffith creates the greatest impact and reach locally, within Australia and across the globe. This can include:

  • publishing in open access journals and books;
  • submitting material to University repositories such as Griffith Research Online;
  • sharing of research data in online venues;
  • keeping a professional blog and personal website;
  • proactively using social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Vimeo, as well as YouTube, ResearchGate and other such sites;
  • participating in and giving presentations for conferences;
  • promoting and providing workshops in the community and across the globe;
  • collaborating in joint ventures;
  • writing for newspapers such as The Australian, Brisbane Times and The Conversation;
  • appearing on TV and radio;
  • putting creative outputs online;
  • publishing and using Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCSs) and Open Educational Resources (OERs); as well as
  • starting your own Open Access journal.

ARC and NHMRC mandate Openness

Publications arising from an ARC or NHMRC supported research project must be deposited into an open access institutional repository (such as Griffith Research Online) within a twelve month period from the date of publication. Whilst the NHMRC policy specifies journal articles, the ARC policy applies to any publications (including books and book chapters) arising from a supported research project. Both funding bodies also encourage the open publishing of research data from supported research projects wherever possible.

Why make scholarship open? New publishing models Publishing open articles and books Publishing your data

Much of the material on this site has been copied or adapted from the Australasian Open Access Strategy Group website. Unless otherwise noted, the material on Griffith’s Open Scholarship website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence.