A DOI is a persistent and unique digital identifier of an object. It permanently identifies content and related metadata for an object over the course of its lifecycle. DOI names resolve to web locations where the objects they describe can be found. Information about a digital object may change over time, including where to find it and who owns it, but its DOI will not change.

Why would I need a DOI

The benefits of a DOI include:

  • greater discoverability;
  • access to uniquely identified content;
  • accessibility for long-term use; and
  • citation of publications and research data for impact analysis.

Contact Library Technology Services for advice on how to obtain a DOI for your research output. 


An ISBN is a unique identifier for published books. ISBN s can be assigned for printed books and books on audiocassettes, audio CD s, or CD-ROM s, and for videorecordings.

A book must have an ISBN to satisfy the requirements for qualification in composite category A1 (Books) in the annual Higher Education Research Data Collection survey.

A chapter of a book must be in a book that has an ISBN to qualify for composite category B1 (Book Chapters).

If Griffith University, or an element within Griffith University, is publishing a book you have written, or if you are the editor of a collaboratively-written book being published by Griffith, you should contact the library to request an ISBN for the book. The library has a stock of ISBNs that it assigns to Griffith publications on request, and keeps records of the ISBN s that have been assigned.

ISBN s can be requested by emailing (preferred) or by telephoning (07) 3735 3815. You will need to provide the title of the book, author(s), editors and publishing body (School, Centre, etc.) and the name, element and phone extension of the requesting person. Your ISBN will be emailed to you, together with National ISBN Agency registration forms.

Multi-volume publications will be assigned one ISBN for the set and one for each volume.

You may optionally register your book for inclusion in the next edition of Australian Books in Print by completing the National ISBN Agency registration forms and sending them to the National ISBN Agency.


ISSN s are unique identifiers for serial publications. The library does not assign ISSN s for serials that Griffith University publishes. Instead, if you are publishing a new journal or other serial format publication, contact the Australian ISSN Agency to arrange an ISSN .

Legal deposit

Publishers in Queensland are required, under the relevant Federal and State laws, to deposit copies of any publication with specified libraries. Elements of Griffith university that publish should comply with these requirements.

A work is deemed to have been 'published' if reproductions of the work or edition have been made available (whether by sale or otherwise) to the public.