You should use the CloudStor service run by AARNET (Australia's Academic and Research Network) to transfer research data, particularly data containing sensitive or personal information. CloudStor:

  • can be used to transfer files to/from collaborators at other Australian universities as well as "external" users
  • encrypts your data before submission
  • is accessible using your Griffith login details
  • can accommodate large files.

Important note: CloudStor is a transfer service only and does NOT support long-term shared storage of files. Your data is deleted after 20 days. If your collaborators require longer-term access to transferred files, you should consider using Griffith’s Research Storage Service.


You should avoid using email for data transfer. Some of the limitations of email include:

  • size restrictions - most institutions have limits on the size of emails and attachments (Griffith’s Gmail service restricts you to 25MB)
  • security risks - particularly if you are working with data that is personally or commercially sensitive and/or utilising personal accounts that may not meet legal and ethical requirements around privacy and confidentiality, and version control issues.

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