Funders may request information about how you plan to manage data, either as part of a grant application or as a separate document.

If the funder does not require a formal data management plan, you can record data planning information in an internal document, which should cover the following types of information:

  • what types of data will be created
  • who will own and have access to the data
  • what facilities and equipment and methods will be used to capture and process the data
  • where data will be stored during the project and after the project is completed
  • how data could be shared or published and what conditions of re-use will apply
  • who will be responsible for each of these activities.

All partners should be involved in the development and signoff of a data plan.

You can also document your data planning in a variety of other places, including funding and collaboration agreements, ethics applications, and annual reports to funding agencies. If data plans are captured in these documents they will be treated as a corporate records and will be lodged with Information Management for retention purposes.

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