A coordinated approach to improved data management benefits not only the University but the broader community.

Researchers benefit by:

  • Saving time if data is better organised and easier to find
  • Reducing the risk that data could be stolen, lost or misused
  • Gaining easier access to raw and processed data needed for their research , and
  • Increasing their research profiles and potentially finding new audiences and collaborators through dissemination, citation and re-use of data

The University benefits from:

  • Identifying, capturing and re-using more research outputs
  • Increasing compliance with government and funding agency requirements
  • Improving readiness for audits and changes in funding agency strategy towards open access, and
  • Demonstrating its commitment to being a university of influence.

The broader community benefits from:

  • Increased access to Griffith’s research outputs, potentially increasing the informal impact amongst other stakeholder communities. Industry, government agencies, schools and not-for-profit organisations could potentially re-use Griffith data to support a range of activities with positive economic, social and cultural outcomes.