Before the project starts, work out the minimum retention period for the data, using the table on pp. 6-8 of the Griffith Schedule of Retention Periods for Research Data and Primary Materials.

To work out the maximum retention period, you need to consider the longer-term value of the data in light of the potential research impact and other factors, such as:

  • the research would be difficult or impossible to repeat
  • repeating the research would be burdensome for human participants or animals
  • the results are of high public interest or contention
  • methods or results constitute a paradigm shift for the field of inquiry, or
  • the research will result in notifiable intellectual property (e.g. a patent application).

In addition to the data, you also need to retain any corporate records related to the research data that you are generating.

Resources and contacts

Seek advice from Corporate Records and Digitisation Services, if required.