For data that you create or collect, you need to:
  • Determine what rights, including copyright, will subsist in the data produced by the project
  • Establish who will be the rights holder/s for the data

As a Griffith staff member most data you produce will be owned by the University. As a Higher Degree by Research student you would usually own the data you generate; however, there are certain cases in which you must assign your IP to the University that you should be aware of.

  • Consider what terms and conditions should be applied to the data for re-use.

As a Griffith staff member you have a licence from Griffith to re-use most of your scholarly works (including data) for research and teaching purposes and to make decisions about re-use using your professional judgement. As a Higher Degree by Research Student, unless you have assigned IP to the University, decisions about re-use and licensing of your data are yours to make. (See 4.2 below for more information on licensing.)

For data that you are sourcing from elsewhere, you need to:

  • Establish the rights holder.
  • Establish the terms and conditions of re-use granted by the rights holder/s and assess whether your re-use fits within these. To establish the terms and conditions of re-use, you will need to:
    • Find and keep a copy of any ‘express permission’ that the rights holder has given. This will usually be a licence or a set of standard terms and conditions that apply to the process by which you have obtained the data, such as downloading from websites and online data archives.
    • OR, if no express permission is given that enables you to establish terms and conditions of re-use, you must seek permission from the rights holder directly.

Resources and contacts

Seek advice from the Information Policy Officer and / or Legal Services, if required.