How borrowing works

You are responsible for all items you borrow until they are returned. To avoid penalties, return or renew your books on time. This is how our lending policy works:

  • You will get a reminder email before your item's due date
  • Due dates may change if the item is recalled
  • If your items become overdue, you will be blocked from borrowing until you return or renew the items
  • If you do not return or renew your items, you will be emailed an overdue notice
  • If no action is taken, you will then be emailed an invoice for replacement costs
  • If the charges are not paid, you will be blocked from borrowing, re-enrolment and graduating.

Overdue items?

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Outstanding charges?

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We send you notifications via email about:

  • reminders
  • recalled or overdue items
  • invoices for lost or damaged items.

Email is Griffith University’s official communication channel. It is your responsibility to return or renew items on time regardless of receipt of a notification.


Library items you have on loan may be recalled by another borrower or by the Library to add to the reserve collection. You will receive a minimum loan period of 7 days from the date of borrowing. You will be notified via your Griffith University email if an item has been recalled.