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All ebooks are available to view online and some have unlimited printing and downloading.  Ebooks from the following platforms have special requirements for downloading and use:

Ebook Central

How much can I use?

Some ebooks can be fully downloaded while others have restrictions. Download and print allowances are displayed under AVAILABILITYScreenshot of ebrary example copying and printing limits

Download instructions (whole book)

  1. Ensure Adobe Digital Editions is installed
  2. Sign up to Ebook Central (If ebrary users created accounts on the old ebrary platform, they can be merged with their Ebook Central account)
  3. Select the download button
  4. Save the book to your device
  5. Open the link with Adobe Digital Editions

Download instructions (section of book)

  1. Select Read Online
  2. Select Print to PDF tab at top of page (maximum print allowance will be displayed)
  3. Enter page range
  4. Select Open PDF
  5. Save PDF to device

Taylor & Francis ebook collection

Screenshot of Taylor and Francis download options

How much can I use?

  • Download:
    • 100% of the book for 36 hours.
  • Print:
    • If Download a copy is selected: 0 pages
    • If Quick access: 30 pages
  • Copy/Paste:
    • If Download a copy is selected: 0 words
    • If Quick access is selected: 1000 words

Download instructions

  1. Install the FileOpen plug-in.
  2. Select the Download a copy option. (NOTE: Quick access allows you to view the ebook online, but printing and copying/pasting still requires the FileOpen plug-in)

The PDF will now download to your PC/Mac or mobile device and will expire in 36 hours.


How much can I use?

You are unable to download ebooks onto your mobile device due to publisher copyright restrictions.

You can print single pages at a time. Printing multiple pages or single chapters at once is not possible.

EBSCOhost ebook collection

How much can I use?

You are unable to download entire ebooks on this platform.

There are restrictions on how many pages you can print or copy from an ebook. To check how much you can copy or print:

  1. Browse to the chapter or pages you want to save or print and select either the Print or Copy icon.
  2. A window will appear displaying how many pages you can print for this particular ebook.
Screenshot of EBSCOhost ebook printing limits


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