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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

In accordance with the University’s response to the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are offering online community internships for Trimester 1 2021. We thank you for your understanding and support.

What is Service Learning?

Service learning is a transformative student internship experience that enhances academic learning through a reciprocal link with organisations providing opportunities for growth in critical thinking, professional skills, civic values whilst addressing community issues. Students are empowered to take a lead in co constructing their learning through reflection, volunteering, work experience and projects which facilitate a structural shift to students' self-view and their existence in this world.

What is Community Internship?

The Community Internship is an award-winning 10CP, free-choice elective and core course available to Undergraduate (3002LFC) and postgraduate (7510LFC) students. It is a collaborative transformative model that is volunteer focused, multidisciplinary work-integrated learning course. Students volunteer for 50 - 80 hours per trimester while critically engaged with theoretical concepts. The course provides students the opportunity to choose a transformative role or project. The course is a service-based learning opportunity whereby students respond to the needs of our local and global community, with associated coursework. The course has three assessment items that assist students in reflection designed to achieve desired learning outcomes. Students require a minimum of 80 CP to enrol into the Community Internship Course.

The course aims to involve students in skilled volunteering (local or global) to broaden their understanding of community needs, build employability skills, and enhance their personal and professional growth. Students can choose from a range of Community Internship opportunities including local, global, HDR, Community Research, and Build your own (BYO). The Community Internship Course can be completed face to face (Onsite), Offsite, Online and individually or within a Group-based format.

Work Integrated Learning

Work Integrated Learning: Work-integrated learning is the widely accepted definition for industry or curriculum based learning whereby an academic embeds the industry learning within the curriculum and/or assessment for a subject. This includes activities such as: industry projects, capstones, industry presentations within class, industry-based research projects, clinical placements and practicums.


Internship: Internships are industry-based learning experiences that are unpaid and may or may not be used for academic credit (depending on the student’s circumstances). Internship is the key definition used by industry to refer to a student undertaking a work-based learning experience regardless of payment or academic credit status. Additionally, large firms and companies run paid internship programs over university holiday breaks, however students do not typically use these as the basis for academic credit. Also includes placement option as part of the postgraduate Professional Portfolio subject.

Onsite of Face to Face Community Internship

Onsite of Face to Face Community Internship: This Community Internship will take place at a listed office address or specified working hub. You may be allocated to this position on your own or completing this internship with other students from the Community Internship. In some cases, students will be allocated in teams with skills and knowledge from different disciplines. Example: Community internship for ‘A tiny house project’ could have one architect student, one design student and one business student working on the project.

Online or virtual Community Internship

Online or virtual Community Internship: This Community Internship will allow you to complete your internship from home or a neutral office space. The online or virtual internship will have a defined roles, expectations, and responsibilities (including induction and orientation processes). You will be mentored and expected to attend meetings and check in meeting with your Community Internship supervisor. Communication methods and protocols to support student success in this internship will be outlined in the position role or project and be negotiated with your Community Internship supervisor.

Social Impact Group based Community Internship

Social Impact Group based Community Internship: This is a virtual online Internship that is delivered from a virtual office space in Microsoft Teams. During this internship you will have the opportunity to interact with industry professionals, academic thought leaders and people with lived experience and knowledge. These internships are available to all students. You can complete this internship if you are an on-campus student, studying online, living in rural and remote areas and/or are interested in contributing to an innovative and creative internship.

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