Annual PebblePad Symposium: Active and Authentic Learning

Explore the multitude of ways PebblePad can be used to engage students through active and authentic learning experiences.

PebblePad is Griffith's personal learning environment

PebblePad is available for all staff at Griffith. This personal learning environment can be used in teaching and learning to create, curate and present academic achievements, plus we can use it to evidence and present our personal or professional progression. Some key uses of PebblePad at Griffith include:

  • Enhancing student-centred design as well as teaching and learning practices that support Griffith 2020 principles (e.g., active, collaborative and authentic learning) including effective, efficient and equitable management and monitoring of collaborative/peer group and project work. This aligns with the types of tasks many graduates face in the workplace.
  • Enabling student-centred cross-course and program-level design and learning including cross-course integrative and/or interdisciplinary learning projects, program-level assessment tasks, facilitating multi-source feedback (peer, instructor, and external) and collecting evidence of learning throughout a program lifecycle.
  • Facilitate the professional learning and continuing professional development of academic and professional staff (e.g., staff learning and teaching portfolios).

PebblePad in your teaching practice

  • Create checklists and logs
  • Build workbooks with scaffolding for students
  • Author a Blog by yourself or in collaboration with others
  • Students create collections of evidence of learning outcomes, professional standards and graduate attributes

PebblePad for your personal use

  • Collaborate with colleagues across the University
  • Curate a collection of evidence against professional standards
  • Curate a collection of evidence of performance goals
  • Create ePortfolios to highlight varying foci and share with others


Griffith colleagues explored the multitude of ways PebblePad can be used to engage students through active and authentic learning experiences at the PebblePad Symposium hosted at Gold Coast campus on Thursday 25 October 2018.

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Griffith staff and students have created some awesome work in PebblePad. Have a browse through some examples ePortfolios, templates, and workbooks to get inspired for your learning, teaching or portfolio development. Maybe you would like to showcase your examples on this page?

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