Our PebblePad Showcase

Get inspired by some PebblePad examples from our Griffith staff and students.

Student Examples


Katherine Parsons shared her portfolio as an example when we first adopted PebblePad. She has continued to add to her pages as she has progress through her studies and graduated with a PhD in 2018.


Summer Ryder entered the About Me Challenge #2 in Trimester 2, 2017 and was selected as a winner. Summer has a portfolio within her portfolio, showing how an asset created for a learning task can be re-used.


Michael Stevenson was a winner for the About Me Challenge #2 in Trimester 2, 2017. Michael's portfolio demonstrates the use of content within PebblePad, embedding YouTube content, and providing links to sample documents.


Nicole David entered the About Me Challenge #1 in Trimester 2, 2017. Her portfolio was selected as a winner and is a great example of how to showcase curricular and extra-curricular achievements.


Alexis Starling was an About Me Challenge #1 winner in Trimester 2, 2017. Her portfolio gives a clear indication of Alexis's individual style and beliefs. It is a good example of well-considered personal branding.


Rick Lawton was a winner in the About Me Challenge #1 in Trimester 2, 2017. His portfolio provides insight into his professional journey including volunteering experiences, personal skills, and a career plan to map out future goals.


Daniella Lanci was a winner in the About Me Challenge #1 in Trimester 1, 2017. Her portfolio is a good representation of her outgoing and creative personality. This portfolio evolves as Daniella includes new experiences and achievements.


Candice Noring was a winner in the About Me Challenge #1 in Trimester 1, 2017. Her portfolio clearly outlines her professional attitudes and values, and provides multiple links to experiences she has been involved in.


Jack Redmond was a winner in the About Me Challenge #1 in Trimester 1, 2017. Jack demonstrates clear and succinct goal setting for himself and is studies at Griffith. This kind of reflection could have been included as a learning activity.


Rebecca Read was a winner in the About Me Challenge #1 in Trimester 1, 2017. Rebecca's portfolio provides insight into her attitudes to starting university later in life, and how she plans to 'enjoy every moment of it'.

Want to contribute?

Do you have a great example of how you have used PebblePad at Griffith that you want to share? Please get in touch!


Griffith colleagues explored the multitude of ways PebblePad can be used to engage students through active and authentic learning experiences at the PebblePad Symposium hosted at Gold Coast campus on Thursday 25 October 2018.

Staff Examples


This professional ePortfolio by Priscilla Trahar (Learning Futures) includes various pages, including Academic CV, samples of work, embedded videos, and testimonials.


Dr Lana Mitchell (Nutrition & Dietetics) has created a professional ePortfolio that highlights her publications, grants, and research areas.


Frank Stadler (Adjunct Research Fellow) has created a unique portfolio to visually showcase his research activities. A fascinating work-in-progress.


Michael Sankey (Learning Futures) has a dynamic professional ePortfolio showcasing his work at Griffith and beyond, including links to his social channels.

Work Integrated Learning workbook

Dr Lana Mitchell walks-through how PebblePad was used to support WIL placements for students in the Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Reflection for Health WIL placements

In this video Sheree Lloyd walks-through how PebblePad was used as a Reflection tool for Health students who were on Work Integrated Learning placements.

ePorfolios for Fine Art

Dr Bill Platz leads us through the use of PebblePad portfolios that allow Fine Art students to document their work, reflections and in-class observations throughout their program at Griffith's QCA.

ePorfolios for first-year students

Dr Andrew Pearson asks his first-year Medical Science students to reflect on their learning in a PebblePad ePortfolio as they progress through their course.

Creating a reflective workbook

Dr Susan Ressia, a Lecturer in the Department of ERHR, adopted PebblePad to allow her students to develop their reflective skills in a scaffolded workbook.

Placement Portfolio workbook

Have a look at the initial PebblePad workbook used to support the Work Integrated Learning program for Organisational Psychology students.

Peer Assessment for Design students

In this video, James Ugarte shows how his Design course uses PebblePad portfolio pages in a Peer Assessment task at the QCA.

Tourism Group Work

Dr Elaine Yang has used a scaffolded PebblePad workbook for a group work task in her Tourism course. In this example, she talks through how she has included supporting content and templates.

Reflective workbook

This is a walk-through of a sample reflection workbook created in PebblePad. Students are asked to progressively complete the workbook throughout the trimester.

Activity Sheet

In this sample custom template, students are asked to use the to activity sheet to self-assess. They can also use this template to ask their teaching team for assistance.

Activity Sheet

This sample custom template is an activity sheet with a video embedded. Students are asked questions about the Video. This could be used for a flipped classroom.

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