Promoting the scholarship of learning and teaching at Griffith

The Griffith Learning and Teaching Academy seeks to promote the scholarship of learning and teaching at Griffith and contribute to the dissemination of scholarly and innovative learning and teaching practice.

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Scholarly Sparks

Evidencing your scholarly approach and/or scholarship of Learning and Teaching

In 2018 the Academy Steering Committee commissioned the creation of a series of just in time professional learning resources to assist staff with demonstrating their scholarly approach and scholarship of learning and teaching in applications for promotion and ASCD. These Scholarly Sparks are now available via both the Self Reflection Tool and Explore Learning and Teaching (ExLNT).

Dr Heather Stewart

What is a Scholarly Spark?

A Scholarly Spark is an online professional learning resource that describes an individual’s practice and shares relevant resources, located in and accessible to colleagues through Griffith's Explore Learning and Teaching (ExLNT).

A Scholarly Spark focuses specifically on practices of reflection, evaluation and scholarly inquiry, in a learning and teaching context. Each Scholarly Spark usually comprises of a 5-minute, edited video of a professional conversation, 200-word synopsis and supporting resources.

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Featured Scholarly Spark

Dr Natalie Osborne

"In this video I reflect on studio pedagogies, and how studios can offer us spaces to engage in transformational learning. In particular, I draw on my experiences developing a ‘tactical urbanism’ studio project. To build a learning experience around tactical urbanism, I needed to translate my own experiences engaging in this community-based, collaborative practice of urbanism into a project-based format, supported by more structured learning activities as needed."

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Panel session

Developing systematic scholarly inquiries into student learning

Watch the recording of the recent SoLT panel, sponsored by the Academy as part of Celebrating Learning and Teaching at Griffith. The video features Associate Professor Amani Bell (Innovative Research Universities Vice Chancellors’ Fellow), Professor Ruth Bridgstock (Deputy Director, Teaching & Curriculum Transformation, Learning Futures) and a panel of Griffith colleagues discussing and answering questions on the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching.

Communities of Practice

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