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A community of practice (CoP) approach to teaching and learning in higher education provides a space for staff to collaboratively reflect, review and regenerate their current teaching and learning practices.

Communities of practice grow, or are fostered, to provide a shared space around shared interests and concerns. Members come together to deepen their knowledge and expertise in an area by interacting on an ongoing basis.

Griffith Learning and Teaching Communities of Practice

Below is a list of Learning and Teaching Communities of Practice, by Academy Group Chapter, including brief information about each CoP's goals.

Arts, Education and Law Group Chapter

English Curriculum and Literacy Teacher Educators (ECLTE)

ECLTE is an initiative of English and Literacy Teacher Educators across a range of Higher Education Providers in South East Queensland. Meeting agendas are set by the membership, and include dissemination of national, state and local agendas that implicate our work and the experience of the preservice teachers we teach and the children they educate.

Membership: Existing and aspiring ECLTEs, including tenured academic staff, sessional academic staff and aspiring academic staff.

Contact: Professor Beryl Exley

AEL Awards and Citations Community of Practice

This group of teaching academics and professional staff support colleagues in applying for Group Teaching and Learning Citations and University Individual and Team Awards. This group aligns with the university goal of encouraging and recognising quality teaching across AEL.

Membership: AEL Griffith Learning and Teaching Academy members.

Contact: Dr Kevin Larkin

Griffith Law School First Year Team

The COP supports the coherence and development of the first-year programme and curriculum, ensures compliance with University policy (e.g. First Year Standards) and enables programme based work around retention strategy.

Membership: All interested first year teachers welcome to attend.

Contact: Dr Steven White (Nathan campus) or Dr Emma Palmer (Gold Coast campus)

Griffith Law School Lawyers, Legal Education and Law’s Future Program (Law Futures Centre)

Lawyers, Legal Education and Law's Future Programme of the Law's Futures' Centre (the primary GLS research centre) contains the active GLS group of legal education scholars who collaborate together on legal education research.

Membership: Open to all members and adjunct members of the Law Futures Centre.

Contact: Professor Charles Sampford

GLS Learning and Teaching Forum

This group supports the discussion of effective learning and teaching practice and scholarship in the Griffith Law School. Responds to AEL and GU L and T strategy and policy and provides professional development and collaboration opportunities for GLS teaching staff.

Membership: Open to all staff and sessional staff of Griffith Law School.

Contact: Associate Professor Kylie Burns

AEL Learning and Teaching Grant CoP

This group supports the dissemination of effective learning and teaching practice and scholarship across AEL. Largely built upon small T&L grants ($3000), academics in receipt of these grants present their work to colleagues at AEL Symposia.

Membership: Open to all academic staff of AEL.

Contact: Jillian Rowe

Griffith Business School Chapter

GBS Teaching Community of Practice (TCop)

The TCoP aims to build relationships between teaching staff in the GBS, in order to explore common interest in the practice and scholarship of teaching. It provides a forum where teaching staff can collaborate, share, research, develop and document their practice and scholarship of teaching.

Membership: Open to all GBS teaching staff.

Contact: Dr Jennifer Dickfos

Griffith Health Group Chapter

Scholarship of Learning and Teaching (SoLT)

The purpose of the CoP is to build the capacity of academic and professional staff members to utilise the scholarly literature in the design of educational innovations, employ appropriate evaluation strategies and to add their findings to the body of scholarship through conference presentations, publications and other dissemination strategies.

Membership: It is intended that invitations will be extended to all academic and professional staff of Griffith Health.

Contact: Professor Gary Rogers

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)

Technology enhanced learning (TEL) utilises technology to augment the learning environment and optimise the student learning experience. The focus is on learning with technology, rather than just through technology. The TEL Community of Practice (CoP) will provide information and professional development opportunities in the area of TEL.

Membership: Open to new members.

Contact: Mary-Ann Shuker

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Approaches to achieve Social Emancipatory Transformation

Transformational learning requires a movement away from traditional didactic teaching styles into a context of learning where students are empowered to be active participants in their own learning and as agents of change. Through this Community of Practice, we aspire to prepare graduates to work as effective and humble allies to those who have experienced social injustice and oppression in ways that interrupt rather than perpetuate colonial and otherwise oppressive ways of working. We seek to employ social media and other creative methods as part of both professional social change approaches and teaching and learning strategies.

Membership: Open to new members.

Contact: TBC

Health Group Assessment Community of Practice

The Health Group Assessment Community of Practice aims to build the capacity of academic and professional staff to design and implement valid, effective, formative and summative assessment approaches, with a focus on the health and social care professions. These approaches will be based on sound scholarship and utilise appropriate means to set standards. It will provide developmental sessions on assessment methodologies and mentorship for assessment practitioners in the health professions, as well as supporting innovation and the evaluation of new approaches, with the ultimate aim of optimising student learning and success.

Membership: Open to new members.

Contact: Georgina Sanger

Griffith Sciences Group Chapter

The Griffith Sciences Group Chapter is currently identifying existing and forming new Communities of Practice. For further information about Griffith Sciences L&T Communities of Practice and how to join please contact the Group Chapter Chair, Professor Richard John.

2018 Communities of Practice Symposium

On Monday October 22 2018 the Academy sponsored a Communities of Practice Symposium which featured a keynote presentation by Honorary Assoc Prof Jacquie McDonald titled "Communities of Practice – Imagining, Implementing and Valuing Social Learning". The Symposium also featured presentations from three Griffith CoP about their key achievements. View the slides, CoP Fact Sheet and Assoc Prof McDonald’s presentation handout below.

Scholarship of Learning and Teaching

Learn more about how the Academy is promoting the scholarship of learning and teaching at Griffith