What are the Course Design Standards?

Course Design Standards provide student-centred experiences for each learning and teaching principle in the Griffith Learning and Teaching Framework (the Framework is available to download in PDF or Word doc format). These are elaborated through descriptions of Exemplar Practices (activities that support each standard). Educators have the design discretion as to how standards will be appropriately achieved given the level of their course (i.e., year one, year two) and their disciplinary context.

We will use these standards to support staff in the process of reviewing and refreshing existing courses and developing and designing new courses. Importantly, our Griffith Course Design Standards will ensure that our students experience a level of consistency and quality, benchmarked with national standards, across the University.

The development and implementation of Course Design Standards will be iterative and will be continuously reviewed to respond to strategic priorities or emerging affordances and technologies.

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Download the Course Design Standards document in PDF or Word doc format.

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Online modules

Access the online modules with links to resources to aid your understanding of key elements of the Course Design Standards.

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Educational principles

Learn more about the six evidence-informed principles that underpin our Course Design Standards with the following online modules. They will give you an overview of what each principles is, why it's important and practice examples.

Partnership-Based Learning

We work in partnership with our students to create collaborative learning environments.

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Engaging and Empowering Pedagogies

We foster active, authentic and collaborative approaches to learning to build our students’ professional capability and confidence and cultivate their ability to learn effectively in work contexts.

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Scholarly-Inspired Curriculum

We found our curriculum on evidence-informed knowledge and work to inspire our students to be curious about the process of developing new knowledge and applying this to positively impact others.

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Locally and Globally Connected

We infuse our learning environments with the partnerships and perspectives of the wider context of work, culture, society and professional practice so that our students are actively engaging with, and meaningfully contributing to, the world outside of university.

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Learner-Enabling Design

We optimise our learning environments to build our students’ capacity to confidently and capably manage their own learning and enable all of our students to succeed to the best of their ability.

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Digitally-Enabled Learning

We enable our students to learn more flexibly and effectively through digitally-rich and integrated learning environments.

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