Designing programs and courses that engage students as active partners in their learning

As a community of educators, we have the shared goal of designing and developing programs and courses that give our students the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and experiences they need to succeed in life and in the future world of work.

Educators are encouraged and supported to embrace their roles as designers and leaders of learning, and to collaboratively design learning experiences and environments that enable all of our students to succeed to the best of their ability.

Find out more about some of the resources available to support program and course design, development and review at Griffith, including the new Griffith Learning and Teaching Framework and the Program and Course Design Standards.

Framework and Standards


Griffith Learning and Teaching Framework

Griffith University has developed an evidence-informed Learning and Teaching Framework designed to facilitate the learning and success of our students and graduates and underpin the ongoing transformation of our learning and teaching practice.

Learning and Teaching Framework


Program Design Standards

The Program Design Standards translate the Griffith Learning and Teaching Framework at the program level. We will use these standards to support staff in the process of reviewing and refreshing existing Programs and developing and designing new Programs.

Program Design Standards


Course Design Standards

Course Standards provide student-centred experiences for each learning and teaching principle in the Griffith Learning and Teaching Framework. These are elaborated through descriptions of Exemplar Practices (activities that support each standard).

Course Design Standards

Enhancing Course Design

Engaging in peer review processes and learning more about how your students are engaging with your course online are just some of the ways you can enhance the design of your course.

The Academic Calibration Process (ACP) is a process of external, discipline-led academic peer review that is undertaken in collaboration with other Innovative Research Universities (IRU).

Course Analytics@Griffith is an application of learning analytics and can help you gain insights into how students are interacting with your Learning@Griffith course site.

Course Learning Outcomes Builder

The Course Learning Outcomes Builder is an easy to use, interactive online tool to support you in writing learning outcomes that are clear and measurable. It provides you with feedback on your learning outcomes and allows you to share them with colleagues.

Employability in the curriculum

ePortfolios at Griffith

ePortfolios enable students to collect, curate and communicate their achievements, reflections, capabilities and professional skills to prospective employers. Griffith uses PebblePad as our ePortfolio platform. All students and staff have access to the platform.

PebblePad support

Graduate Attributes

Graduate Attributes represent the broad qualities that are necessary for students to contribute meaningfully to their local and global communities. See how your colleagues have implemented learning activities into their courses and programs to develop these attributes and transferable skills.

The Griffith Graduate

Internships for students

Community Internship is a 10CP free choice service learning elective course that enables students to volunteer with a community organisation. This experience helps students make sense of their academic learning and develop an understanding of how they can contribute to their communities.

Community Internship

Useful links

Professional learning

If you are interested in developing your capabilities in designing curriculum and assessment for learning, we highly recommend enrolling in the Graduate Certificate in University Learning and Teaching (GCULT) or the Curriculum Design for Learning Program (CDL). Both of these programs offer a pathway to HEA Fellowship.

Group L&T Consultants

In addition to engaging in professional learning opportunities, you might like to contact your Group L&T Consultant (Curriculum) or L&T Consultant (Design) for further advice and assistance. Consultants can advise on various aspects of designing, developing and reviewing courses and programs, including available learning and teaching technologies that can enhance your course or program.

Policy Library

The Griffith Policy Library has information relevant to course and program design, development and review processes at our University.