About this workshop

Are you new to teaching or looking to enhance and refresh how you teach?

Teaching for Learning: Foundations of University Teaching (FUT) is a two day workshop designed to support you in becoming an intentional, effective educator of student learning.

In the workshop we explore:

  • who our students are
  • factors that impact on their learning
  • the relationship between learning and teaching - how we teach impacts how students learn
  • strategies that promote learning.

Focusing on practical knowledge to help you settle into your teaching role, this workshop is also the starting point in the Teaching for Learning (TFL) Program. The TFL Program is accredited by Advance HEA in the UK, with successful completion of the full program leading to HEA Associate Fellow (AFHEA) - a globally recognised award. Attendance on both days is important if you are intending to seek Associate Fellowship.

Event details

Attendance on both days is required

Date Start time Finish timeLocation
Day 1Trimester 1, February 2020TBCTBC Gold Coast campus
Day 2Trimester 1, February 2020TBCTBC Gold Coast campus

This workshop will be offered at Nathan campus in Trimester 2, 2020.

Recommended for

  • New and early career educators
  • Experienced educators wishing to refresh their skills

Course number

The course number for this workshop is G05002

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