A special PebblePad professional learning opportunity

On the 20 June 2018, Griffith staff were invited to an exciting opportunity to hear from Paul Duvall, a lecturer and Director of Technology Enhanced Learning in the School of Medicine, who shared practical insights about using PebblePad.

Paul shared some concrete examples from the past four to five years at Liverpool and helped relate them to our context. In sharing his experiences, Paul shared specific Health examples from Liverpool’s Medical School, and described how things have evolved to meet the needs of the school, the university and the students. This included:

  • how PebblePocket can be used for off-campus data collection, specifically regarding use with external assessors or supervisors
  • how to use workbooks that are reviewed jointly by students and student advisors
  • how the Medical School is leveraging ATLAS reporting.

By watching the recordings, this session will provide you with information, inspiration and ask you to reflect on your current practices to see if you could leverage the power of PebblePad for the first time, or revise your approach for your next iteration.

About the presenter

Paul Duvall

Lecturer (Learning Technology) School of Medicine

Paul’s current role takes responsibility for the use of all technology within medical education at the University of Liverpool. As a member of the senior management team within the School of Medicine he provides the strategic and academic lead for technical/pedagogical development and innovation within the school. From 2014 this will include embedding technology enhanced learning within the new medical curriculum.

Prior to joining the School of Medicine, Paul worked as a Learning Technology Development Officer at Edge Hill University before moving to the University to work as a Learning Technologist in the Centre for Lifelong Learning. He has supported distance/online learning projects at all levels from Foundation Degree to Postgraduate Level: creating resources, providing technical support and establishing educational links and networks.

He is presently providing consultancy for National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in the creation of online educational resources for undergraduate students.

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