Currently, the Peer Enhancement of Teaching and Learning Programs are not available. Please contact Louise Maddock with any questions or queries about the programs.

Enhance your course

The Peer Assisted Course Enhancement Scheme (PACES) is a developmental and confidential process which will enable you to collaborate with two or more colleagues throughout the Trimester to reinvigorate and enhance the quality of a course.

You will also be offered 10 coffee vouchers to facilitate mentor/mentee and peer/peer meetings.

The PACES process


There are four modes of operation for partnerships in the Peer Assisted Course Enhancement Scheme.

Mentor-mentee partnership

This partnership focuses on the mentee's course. The mentor supports the mentee in completing the PACES workbook. Both partners undertake a peer observation of teaching.

Reciprocal partnership

In this partnership, the partners works together providing support and mentorship to each other in reinvigorating their individual courses. Each partner completes their own workbook.

Mentor-mentee group partnerships

A group of mentees works with one mentor. Each mentee completes their own workbook with the mentor supporting the mentees and assisting with the peer peer observation of teaching task.

Reciprocal group partnerships

In this partnership, a small group works together as peer mentors. Each group member completes their own workbook.

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Feedback from previous participants

Read what some of Griffith’s educators have said about their experience of the Peer Assisted Course Enhancement Scheme.

"Undertaking PACES allowed growth of my online skills and knowledge and an awareness of how students learn online. I had the guidance of an experienced online facilitator which helped me through the experience."

"This was an excellent experience. I benefited greatly from being paired with a mentor who delved right into the task as evidenced by her thorough review of my course profile and student experience feedback to start things off. In addition, I loved working with someone from a different element, and gleaning insights from this different perspective. Overall, a fantastic experience."

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