Technologies have the capability to both enable and enhance our learning and teaching practices today

Learning Futures actively engages and partners in the acquisition, design, development, application and evaluation of relevant technologies to support a diversity of educational contexts. Find out more about some of the tools currently available to support technology enhanced teaching and learning at Griffith, and what is coming in the future.


BbAlly is your Accessibility Ally in Blackboard and works in three ways to enhance inclusivity and accessibility in your Learning@Griffith Course or Organisation:

  1. For your Cohort | Providing alternative formats for those files you have added to your Learning@Griffith Course or Organisation.
  2. For your build | Providing you step-by-step accessibility coaching as you build your Course content.
  3. For legacy courses | Providing you a Full Course Report, allowing you to overhaul a copied or legacy Course to enhanced standards of accessibility.

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Join the BbAlly Pilot

If you would like to become an early adopter BbAlly Champion, please contact your Academic Group Learning & Teaching Consultant (Design).

BbAlly Pilot How-to-Guidance

Griffith learning and teaching technology

Discover learning and teaching technologies you can use in your practice with the Tech EcoSystem tool. This interactive tool lets you browse or search for teaching strategies and approaches and the technologies that can support their implementation. All of the technologies included in the Tech EcoSystem are approved for use at Griffith.

Copyright matters

Find out more about copyright considerations and approvals when using learning and teaching technology

Active learning


Increase active learning and student engagement in your teaching by transforming a class into a community with the Echo360 Active Learning Platform. The Echo360 Active Learning Platform provides the tools to encourage more active engagement during in-person sessions of courses and with online content.

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Adaptive learning

Smart Sparrow

Adaptive learning at Griffith is supported by the Smart Sparrow platform, enabling the creation of engaging, interactive e-learning resources. It is used to create “lessons” or activities that can have alternative pathways and customised feedback built in for a more tailored user experience.

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Learning analytics

Course Analytics

Learning analytics provides educators with a wider and more accessible range of data and enhances capacity to design and deliver engaging and impactful learning environments and support student achievement and wellbeing at scale. Course Analytics@Griffith is one application of learning analytics and is available to all teaching staff from Trimester 1, 2018.

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Personal Learning Environment


ePortfolios enable staff and students to collect, curate, create, communicate and share achievements, reflections, capabilities and professional skills in a personal learning environment. Griffith uses PebblePad as our ePortfolio platform.

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Ed tech workshops

Learn more about how to use educational technologies at Griffith for your teaching activities or assessment items

CYO (Create Your Own) Video

The CYO (Create Your Own) Video Studios are available for you to use to produce high quality video content for learning and teaching. These easy to use studios are fully automated, and training and support is available to help you get the most out of the studio. The studios are located on multiple campuses.

Using Learning@Griffith

If you are administering, teaching or marking in a Course or Organisation, the Using Learning@Griffith website from the Office of Digital Solutions will be integral to your online teaching practice. The site is dedicated to providing 'just in time' guides to the Blackboard Learning Management System (Learning@Griffith) and its associated and integrated tools such as Echo 360 (Lecture Capture), Pebblepad and jPoll. To see a full list of available tool resources visit the A-Z Listing.


VoiceThread is a tool for enhancing student engagement. Lecturers or students can create, share, and comment on images, PowerPoint presentations, videos, audio files, documents, and PDFs, using microphone, webcam, text, phone, and audio file uploads.

Visit ExLNT (Explore Learning and Teaching) to access basic guides and a selection of VoiceThread use case guides to get you going.

Emergent technologies

Emergent technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 360-degree video can be used to create highly engaging immersive learning experiences for students. These simulated or virtual environments allow learners to interact with content, problem solve and explore situations they might encounter in their professional life through immersive learning experiences.

Learning Futures actively collaborates with Griffith academics and external partners in exploring this exciting and fast evolving new world of learning.

Blurred Minds

Virtual Reality

Blurred Minds is a gamified alcohol education program that features the world’s first virtual reality house party with a range of storylines determined by the user. This ground breaking project is a collaborative effort led by the Social Marketing @ Griffith researchers, working with LiveLab, Learning Futures and ICT’s Idea Lab. Learning Futures provided advice, equipment and support to this outstanding project. 2018 will see an enhanced iteration in progress.

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Virtual Field Trip

360-degree video

A development team from Learning Futures partnered with academics from the Griffith Business School and other institutions to create "virtual field trips" to enable students studying International Tourism and Hotel Management to explore world class hotels from their digital device.

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Coming in 2019

Virtual Reality and 360-degree video

Learning Futures will be working across the University to partner on emergent tech projects in 2018 such as:

360-degree video projects:

  • 360 classroom
  • Indigenous Perspectives in STEM

Virtual reality projects

  • Blurred Minds 2.0
  • School of Nursing and Midwifery Nursing Practice
  • Red Zone projects

Griffith University Alliance for Virtualised Realities (GUAVR)

The Griffith University Alliance for Virtualised Realities (GUAVR) is bringing together the diverse fields developing virtual, mixed, augmented and extended realities at our University. The group is open to all staff who are immersive reality practitioners, just developing their skills, or are exploring how to add immersive learning experiences into their learning and teaching.

Stay up to date with emergent technology at Griffith

Visit LF Press, the Learning Futures blog, and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with emergent technology at Griffith. We regularly post links to interesting and informative articles, podcasts and other resources exploring this emergent area. We'll also keep you up to date with how these technologies are being used at Griffith to create immersive learning experiences for our students.

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