Building a strong leadership culture through the development and recognition of leadership capabilities and practices

Learning Futures is working with the Griffith community in several areas of strategic activity to build program leadership. We take an action learning approach, working in partnership with Program Leaders and colleagues from across the University to bring the strategy to life.

We have a range of activities and resources that have manifested from this partnership so far. These include the Program Directors' Leadership Series, the Program Leaders’ Network, online learning resources, action learning sets and various projects.

Program Directors' Leadership Series

Explore aspects of your role and develop your capacity to lead within the context of change

Share and connect

In an organisational system of distributed leadership, the Program Leaders' Network brings together members of the university community who share a purpose of learning, program leadership and transformation.

You can connect with the network by

Learn and develop

The Program Leaders' Network forms part of Griffith's strategy to enhance program level leadership and curriculum transformation. The Network supports the professional learning and development of Program Leaders throughout the lifecycle of their role through face to face and online learning opportunities.

Face to face professional learning

Online professional learning resources

The following are a sample of helpful online resources you can access anytime:

Professional learning

Discover more opportunities to enhance your leadership capabilities and practice

Influence and change

The Program Leaders' Network members are collaborating to build program leadership at Griffith in many forms including:

  • Griffith Grants for Learning and Teaching projects
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Partnerships with Learning Futures' Senior Consultants

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