Learning Futures is committed to the learning and success of our staff and students

We are an intentionally diverse team of highly-capable, collaborative and creative educational professionals and scholars. We apply and extend our complementary skill-sets in ways that achieves strategic outcomes for our students, our staff and our University and develops a cohesive, productive and enjoyable culture for ourselves.

We are advocates and enthusiasts for the status, privilege and importance of learning and teaching in the contemporary university and we actively stimulate and assertively contribute to strategic conversations focused on developing the culture and strategy required for next-generation educational transformation.

Our vision and mission

Learning Futures is leading impactful learning and working in partnership to enable and inspire exemplary and sustainable educational practices that optimise our staff and student's learning and success.

Our strategic areas of practice

Professional Learning

Advancing your capability as a university educator

Transformative Design and Development

Enhancing your course or program

Innovative Learning and Teaching Solutions

Developing and deploying digital resources to support your student's learning

Research and Evaluation

Evidencing your practice and innovation

Leadership and Strategy

Contributing to the University's strategic priorities and reputation

Grants, Awards and Fellowships

Recognising and rewarding your teaching and leadership