What is the Teaching for Learning Program?

If you are looking to enhance your career as an Educator at Griffith, this program is your starting point. It is accredited by Advance HEA in the UK, with successful completion leading to Associate Fellow - a globally recognised award. Activities in the program will mirror the practices you engage in as an Educator, so it’s very practical.  The program is offered in Trimester 1 and 2 and consists of 7 online modules, 5 of which are also offered as face-to-face workshops. The program is typically completed over one or two trimesters.

Is this program right for me?

The program will be suitable if you are:

  • New to teaching (including sessional staff and those with part-time academic responsibilities)
  • An early career researcher, with some teaching responsibilities (e.g. PHD students)
  • Experienced in relevant professional areas who may be new to teaching and/or supporting learning, or who have a limited teaching portfolio
  • A member of staff who supports learning and teaching (e.g. educational designer, learning resource/library staff)
  • Undertaking a demonstrator/technician role that incorporates some teaching-related responsibilities

Online modules

Self enrolment in the Teaching for Learning Program online modules is now open via Learning@Griffith.

How to enrol:

  • Click the Organisations tab on the Learning@Griffith top menu
  • Search for Teaching for Learning (TfL) 2020 and click Go
  • Click on the Organisation ID to open the Organisation
  • Click on Enrol under the left menu, then click Submit
  • The organisation is now available on the Learning@Griffith homepage

Why would I choose this program?

Successful completion of the Teaching for Learning Program provides a range of benefits.

Awarded Associate Fellow

Recognition of your commitment to professionalism in learning and teaching and continuous professional development through AFHEA Fellowship – which is globally recognised and portable across universities, and increasingly considered by universities as part of the appointment and promotion process.

Development of key educator capabilities

Development of key Educator capabilities outlined in the Griffith Learning and Teaching Capabilities Framework. They are:

  • Understanding the learning context
  • Designing for learning
  • Facilitating and teaching for learning
  • Managing assessment for learning
  • Practising reflection and evaluation

Membership of Griffith Learning and Teaching Academy

Being a HEA Fellow at Griffith enables you to become a member of the Griffith Learning and Teaching Academy (GLTA).

Flexibility and credit

This program can also be completed by engaging with each module at your own pace and collecting a “digital badge” for each module you successfully complete. Collect all 7 badges and you can apply for recognition as AFHEA and also seek credit into the Graduate Certificate in University Learning and Teaching. Badges remain current for 5 years.

How much does the program cost?

The program is 100% subsidised for Griffith staff.

What does the program involve?

Teaching for Learning consists of 7 modules which can be completed in any order. The diagram below shows the recommended sequence.

What do I have to do to successfully complete the program?

To successfully complete the program, you’ll need to submit one piece of evidence from each module (7 pieces in total):

  1. Complete an online, knowledge-based quiz and achieve 50% or more correct responses
  2. A learning and teaching session plan and rationale (500 words)
  3. A 20-minute recording of your teaching (the term teaching is used broadly and can include one-on-one learning support, facilitating professional learning sessions, etc.)
  4. An annotated sample of feedback (written or oral) to one student (500 words)
  5. An evaluation of your teaching that includes a continuing professional learning plan (750 words)
  6. A learning and teaching philosophy statement (1000 words)
  7. An Authentication of Practice form. This is completed by a peer as part of an observation of your teaching. The peer will be a Fellow or Senior Fellow.

Information sessions

Come along to an information session to find out more about this program

Contact the Program Coordinator

Dr. Jude Williams (SFHEA)

Learning Futures

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the Teaching for Learning Program, please contact Dr Jude Williams (Teaching for Learning Program Coordinator).

(07) 373 55983


Self enrolment in the Teaching for Learning Program is now open via Learning @Griffith


If you have any questions about enrolling, please contact the Teaching for Learning Program Administrator.