Learning and teaching leadership opportunities

HEA fellowship holders are encouraged to contribute broadly to learning and teaching across Griffith University. An important way you can contribute to the HEA Fellowships@Griffith scheme is through a diversity of leadership opportunities within our Fellowship programs.

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What leadership opportunities exist?



Peer observer

Observe the teaching of a participant in the Teaching for Learning Program (AFHEA). (1-2 hours)

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Peer reviewer

Review and provide feedback on a colleague’s curriculum design product in the Curriculum Design for Learning Program. (1-2 hours)

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Peer mentor

Mentor a colleague who is seeking recognition as a HEA Fellow or Senior Fellow in the L&T Practice Program. (4-5 hours)

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Assess applications in the L&T Practice Program as a member of an Assessment Panel. (6-8 hours)

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Write a Referee’s Report within the L&T Practice Program to support the application of a colleague. (1-2 hours)

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Opportunities associated with the Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching (GCULT) are coming in 2020.

Details of Leadership Opportunities across the HEA Fellowships@Griffith Programs

Peer Observer (Teaching for Learning Program)

Peer Reviewer (Curriculum Design for Learning)

Peer Mentor (L&T Practice Program)

Assessor (L&T Practice Program)

Referee (L&T Practice Program)

When are these opportunities available?

Below is an "activity map" illustrating the activity over a typical trimester for each HEA leadership role. Use this graphic to help identify which role is most suitable for you as you plan your workload.


Before trimester













After trimester

Peer Observer

Teaching for Learning


Peer Observer will be contacted by Program participant.

Peer observation of teaching likely to occur

(1-2 hours)


Peer Reviewer

Curriculum Design for Learning


Peer Reviewer will be contacted by Program participant.

Peer review of curriculum and meeting

(1-2 hours)


Peer Mentor

L&T Practice


Peer mentor will be contacted

Reading and feedback on writing

(2-3 hours)


More reading and feedback on writing

(2-3 hours)

Meet again.



L&T Practice


Assessors invited to participate.


Read applications and assess

(4-6 hours)


L&T Practice


Referees will be contacted by Program participants.


Read application and write 1-page report

Other leadership opportunities

Details on additional leadership roles can be found in the GLTA Fellows Leadership Opportunities in Learning & Teaching document. This extensive resource (produced by the Griffith Learning and Teaching Academy) includes information on how Academy members can demonstrate active contribution to and leadership in learning and teaching at Griffith.

GLTA Fellows Leadership Opportunities in Learning and Teaching