Meet some of Griffith University's HEA Fellows

Find out more about some of our featured HEA Fellows. We will be featuring more of our HEA Fellows in the coming months, so check back soon for more profiles.

Principal Fellow

Professor Ruth Bridgstock

Deputy Director (Teaching and Curriculum Transformation)
Learning Futures

One of the best parts of HEA Fellowship is that it connects you with others. First, it’s an opportunity to enhance your practice through learning with peers, which for me was a transformational experience. Then once you become a Fellow, you become part of a collegial network that extends university-wide and beyond. There are about 100,000 of us worldwide, with another 1,000 Fellowships conferred every month.

About Ruth

Ruth is interested in how learners, teachers and educational institutions can become more future-capable. Her practice is focussed on how to create effective education systems for the increasingly complex world in which we all live.

Ruth is National Senior Teaching Fellow for Graduate Employability 2.0, which is about connecting with others and building networks for future capable, lifelong-lifewide learning. Her latest book is Higher Education and the Future of Graduate Employability: A Connectedness Learning Approach (Edward Elgar).

Ruth believes strongly in collaborative and networked learning processes for educators, and is excited to be Head of HEA Fellowships@Griffith, which exemplifies this approach.

Senior Fellow

Associate Professor Sarah Cresswell

Senior Consultant, Learning and Teaching
Forensic Science and Archaeology, Griffith Sciences

Having the opportunity, and making the time, to reflect on my teaching career and see how my teaching philosophy has continually developed over the years was an unexpected benefit of the HEA Fellowship application process.

About Sarah

Sarah has taught forensic chemistry since 2002 and passionately believes that forensic science, as popularised by TV, is the ideal platform to encourage students to pursue scientific careers both within and beyond forensic science. She focusses on active learning strategies to encourage students’ participation and mentors sessional staff, enabling them to employ similar strategies.

In order to encourage school children to pursue science at university, she created a popular science outreach activity (STEM Horizons - Campus Scene Investigation) to enthuse young people with a love of science.

Her focus as an educator is the development of authentic hands-on learning experiences which encourage students to become life-long learners, as she is.

Senior Fellow

Dr Lynda Davies

Learning and Teaching Consultant (Curriculum)
Arts, Education and Law

I work in the Third Space (Whitchurch et al) where academic and professional staff pool their expertise to collaborate on learning and teaching. The structures and activities of the HEA mirror my context and when Griffith became involved I saw a unique opportunity to join a global community that recognises and affirms the approach I take to my learning and teaching as a partnership between academic and professional staff colleagues.

About Lynda

For eleven years Lynda belonged to the University’s central academic development unit during which time she was Griffith’s member of the ALTC’s national Teaching Quality Indicators (TQI) Project, and worked across the University to enhance and reform assessment.

In 2010 she was appointed to AEL as one of four inaugural Group Curriculum Consultant roles designed to progress and implement University learning and teaching strategic initiatives through embedded, local disciplinary support.

The major focus of her role is to provide consultancy and support to academic leaders, teaching teams and individuals to advance teaching quality and excellence; program design; curricula and assessment.

Senior Fellow

Dr Paula Myatt

Lecturer, HEA Fellowships
Learning Futures

The HEA Fellowship writing process enabled me to stop and reflect on what has driven me in my teaching over the years. I really came to understand my passion for guiding other academics to harness their careers and maximise their goals.

About Paula

Paula is currently working on developing some of the new Griffith HEA programs for delivery in 2019.

Paula’s career has focussed on engaging with academics to improve their career experience within Higher Education, leading professional development for academics as they navigate through their careers, including moving from disciplinary research into the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Paula has also led curriculum development to enhance the student experience through increased student engagement with authentic learning experiences.

Most recently Paula has worked with more than 75 academics at Griffith University and The University of Queensland to successfully obtain career recognition through HEA Fellowships.

Principal Fellow

Associate Professor Mary Sidebotham

Program Director, Primary Maternity Care
School of Nursing and Midwifery, Griffith Health

We all have busy lives – but creating the time to engage in this process will pay dividends. My advice to you is be open to the challenge – know there is support available and don’t be overwhelmed by the task. Think of the benefit you will gain by reflecting on your practice. This process is strongly affirming, its personalised to you and really facilitates future goal setting.

About Mary

Mary is a recognised educational leader whose career has focused on the design, delivery and evaluation of programs of education that strengthen the workforce and transform maternity care in line with the evidence.

She builds strong alliances and adopts a strengths based approach to respond to changes in the education sector proactively. She role models an active approach to lifelong learning and encourages and supports colleagues through skilled mentorship and guided reflection to achieve their potential. This includes a willingness to support colleagues through the HEA fellowship application process.

Senior Fellow

Dr Jude Williams

Senior Consultant, Learning and Teaching
Learning Futures

Reflection is such an important aspect of learning and whilst I continually think about my practice, I don’t often reflect through writing. I found it a difficult process but one that was ultimately rewarding. It was good to make explicit my beliefs about learning and teaching and how they impact on what I do, and the relationships I have, in my role as an educator.

About Jude

Jude has experience as a high school teacher, educational researcher and administrator in secondary schools, vocational education and training as well as higher education. She has worked in the UK, Singapore and Australia.

For much of her career, Jude has been curious about the relationship between learning and teaching and the role that professional learning can play in improving students’ experiences of learning through the enhancement of teaching practices.

As a Senior Consultant in Learning Futures, Jude is focussed on supporting learning and teaching by providing professional learning, workplace consultancy and leadership development with academic and professional staff across the University.

Pathways to HEA Fellowship

There are four programs available at Griffith, supporting three categories of HEA Fellowship