Course Analytics is one application of learning analytics

As more of our teaching is now blended, we look to contemporary ways to enhance our learning and teaching practice through critical reflection and the use of digital data, in conjunction with other learning and teaching data sources such as assessment data and surveys. At Griffith we use learning analytics, an evidence-based approach to evaluate, and possibly change, learning and teaching practices and the environments in which they occur.

Course Analytics is one application of learning analytics which educators can use as part of their evidence-informed learning and teaching practice toolkit.

See how your students are using your course site

Course Analytics visualises student behaviours as situated within Learning@Griffith (Blackboard) through a set of data reports that display student log data, their ‘digital footprints’, (e.g., class materials accessed, activity in discussion forums, etc.). The tool is accessible through Course Analytics under Evaluation in the Control Panel of the Learning@Griffith course site.

Why use Course Analytics?

Enhance your course design

Increase your capability as an evidence-informed educator

Evidence your practice

Ethical considerations and practice in the use of data

Learning Futures and the Griffith learning and teaching community have developed guiding principles for the use of learning analytics at Griffith. Staff using the Course Analytics tool will use learning analytics in accord with the principles.

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