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Course Analytics is the start of our long term journey into contemporary evidence-informed practice at Griffith

As more of our teaching is now blended, we look to innovative ways to enhance our learning and teaching practice through critical reflection and the use of digital data, in conjunction with other learning and teaching data sources such as assessment data and surveys.

Course Analytics@Griffith is a tool to help educators visualise student behaviours in our Learning Management System (Learning@Griffith). The dashboards display student log data, their ‘digital footprints’, (e.g., class materials accessed, activity in discussion forums, etc.) through each course site. Incorporating cognitive science and user evaluation and feedback in the design and development process, the tool is accessible to staff through Course Analytics under Evaluation in the Control Panel of the L@G course site.

How can Course Analytics enhance student learning?

Educators can use course analytics to enhance their evidence-informed practice to support their learning and teaching practice. Along with other learning and teaching data, course analytics allow educators to make sense of the different patterns and levels of student digital behaviour in their course and from this evidence-base consider appropriate ways of responding.

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Best practice

Learning Futures and the Griffith learning and teaching community have developed guiding principles for the use of learning analytics at Griffith. Staff requesting access to the Course Analytics tool will use learning analytics in accord with the principles.

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Course analytics dashboards

Course Analytics@Griffith is designed to provide educators with insights into their student’s engagement, performance and progress. Four types of dashboards are offered.

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