Friday 25 October, 9.30am - 3.00pm

With university performance-based funding just around the corner, it’s time to get strategic about employability. What approaches genuinely make a difference to students’ career outcomes? How can we address employability effectively without pushing other important learning to one side? Are there small, easy things we can try in our courses that will have a big impact?

If these questions interest you, then we warmly invite you to join us at the Embedding Employability into Teaching event as part of this year's Celebrating Learning and Teaching calendar. Convened by Professor Ruth Bridgstock, Chair of Griffith’s Employability Committee and National Senior Teaching Fellow, this session is suitable for educators from all disciplines and contexts. The day will be of particular interest if you want to:

  • Hear how other educators are embedding employability into curriculum across the university
  • Try out the new Employability Uplift Toolkit in a fun hands-on workshop
  • Affirm that your approaches to graduate employability are ‘on track’
  • Identify some small things to tweak, or identify bigger priorities for your course or program, and come away with a plan to make it happen
  • Share your practice and connect with others.

After registration and tea and coffee, Ruth will open the day with an introduction to Griffith’s strategic employability in curriculum approach.

Embedding Employability into Teaching with Ease and Impact

Are there small, easy things we can try in our courses that will have a big impact in terms of employability?

Program Team Sharing

Teams from five programs from across the university will share how they are embedding graduate employability into the curriculum in distinctive and effective ways. They will also share how they have used the Employability Uplift Toolkit. The teams are:

Bachelor of Sport Development

Dr Brooke Harris-Reeves

Dr Brooke Harris-Reeves will discuss how the B Sport Development program developed a sense of community for students, that supports a learning, professional identity and career development culture.

Bachelor of Architectural Design

Associate Professor Karine Dupre

Associate Professor Karine Dupre will discuss how the B Architectural Design builds relationships and develops links with industry throughout the program; imbues a studio-based culture reflective of industry, and; is supported by an industry engaged teaching staff.


Gayle Brent

Gayle Brent will discuss how SciencesPLUS worked with programs across the Sciences Group to embed professional learning activities into curriculum.

Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management

Dr Barry Fraser

Dr Barry Fraser will discuss BITHM's Employability course; how it links to, and amplifies other employability learning within the program.

Bachelor of Social Science

Dr Ben Fenton-Smith and Tiana Fenton

Dr Ben Fenton-Smith and Tiana Fenton will discuss how they collaborated to purposely build employability into the program curriculum.

Employability Uplift Toolkit workshop

After lunch, you will have the opportunity to try out the Employability Uplift Toolkit for yourself through a facilitated workshop process. The workshop takes a design thinking approach to help you identify what is working well and what you’d like to prioritise for action, and then develop effective and creative ways to address your identified employability priorities.

Event details


Friday 25 October

10.00 am – 3.00 pm


Gold Coast campus

Griffith Business School (G42) 2.17

This event includes morning tea and lunch.

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